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80% of leaders say their brands offer a superior customer experience. Only 8% of customers agree. The result? A gap between what consumers expect from brands and what they actually experience when they interact with brands.


Out of all the topics I've spoken about, this one is one of the most enduring in popularity and interest: It's what I've come to call The Experience Gap. Within, I discuss five core Brand Experience Principles top performing brands abide by today:

  1. Add Value

  2. Invite Participation

  3. User-first design

  4. Inspire sharing

  5. Be on (not in) the way

Many brands are all promise, no proof. But in a digitally empowered era, brands that don’t deliver on expectations are either quickly forgotten – or worse sabotaged – by detractors. And it shows in their business results.


In a five-year study of stock performance, customer experience leaders demonstrated a cumulative 69% advantage in performance over customer experience laggards. So today, brands must learn to mind The Experience Gap, finding ways to close it and align brand promises to the proof delivered to consumers at every turn.

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